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Thank you for your interest in learning about selling Rada Cutlery using our Rada Home Parties system!

The Rada Home Parties program provides you the opportunity to sell Rada Cutlery while benefiting everyone involved. You, the Reseller Consultant, will work with the Host to invite their friends and family to be Guests at the party.

The Guests have a wide variety of Made in the USA Rada Cutlery products to choose from and can qualify for half price purchases. The Host earns free and discounted items according to the amount of their Guest orders. Links: Guest Rewards, Host Rewards

You, the Reseller Consultant, purchase the products per what is ordered at the party. You sell at catalog prices and buy at wholesale prices to make a profit of 38% to 44%.

How It Works
You sign up as a Rada Cutlery Reseller to sell via Rada Home Parties. To get started you need to provide a copy of your sales tax permit (available through your state department of revenue). The minimum order is only $75 and you can order as often as you want. You also are able to choose to sell from inventory at fairs, shows, etc.

As a Reseller Consultant you can purchase the materials you need for your Home Parties. The materials needed are catalogs, invitations, recipe selection guide, home party order takers and host order summary. We keep the cost of your materials as low as possible – your first materials order will likely be less than $20.

We provide you the basics and you add your unique spin to how you do your home parties. Below are links to help you get started.

A copy of the "Reselling Made EASY with Rada Mfg. Co." booklet will be sent to you if you request Home Party Materials below. The “EASY” booklet will provide you an overview into selling Rada Cutlery as a business.

The booklet includes the Consultant Profit Model to help you understand how depending on the size of the party you will make between 38% and 44% after subtracting out the cost of the Host Free Items.

We look forward to working with you to help you earn extra income selling Rada Cutlery at home parties! Please find below a link for you to request home party materials be mailed to you or for you to contact us with any questions you may have.

Request Home Party Materials or Contact Us.

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